Builder New Construction Projects include:
Elevations...a combination of original illustration and computer enhancement to give the best resolution for reproduction while still giving the liveliness that is only found in an original art piece.

Floor Plans, Site Maps, Direction Maps, etc. are Computer Generated for sharp, precise reproduction.

Also: Conceptual Design, Building Proposals, Neighborhood Design Concept, Streetscenes etc.

If the Builder needs a certain style artwork in order to complete an existing project please discuss with Artist.

Pricing is discussed at time of Consult.
"Working with Clients Nationwide."

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 FREE Personal Consult
with Illustrator- Marcie Slot
Please call 518-877-5330 
If not available: 
Please leave a Voicemail

Please put Home Portrait in Subject Line.

 Builder renderings available in color or pen & ink.
Computer Enhanced, Digitally Rendered, Computer Generated and Graphic Design used
Various Art Styles are Available. Please discuss with Artist.
 Marcie Slot is Celebrating 30 years in Business.
"Thank You to my Past, Current and Future Clients"
Graphic Design Services are 
available for Elevations,
 Floorplans, Maps.
Artwork sent by email, mail etc.
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